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Finding Talent Outside of Hollywood'

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Hold your ground.

  You don't have to put your name next to a name of a person who you don't admire or want to mirror.   It's okay to walk away and let it go.  Worry is just meditating on fear.   If you are right in your heart, then go back to that.   That is all that matters.  Be safe out there.   

Online Casting thoughts and info--

  Casting movies online!!!  It's all fun and games until you actually want to be in the room directing the actor! Covid is stopping me from doing what I love. I love the casting room day. I get to see friends and give hugs and catch up. I get to make new friends. I get to engage with the actor in the room. Now, I am not a writer. How that would come in handy right now! So, explaining the direction via text and then the miscommunication between the agent and actor, is not as fun.  So, I will say this. Because I have not engaged in full on zoom call backs yet, I get to use the tool that has been a gift to me and rely on that to know a good actor when I see one.  Regardless if they got the direction right. I get to say, well, I know for sure this girl can take direction.  I have to rely on my instinct. I am lucky. Many casting directors have had the privileges' of having session runners and camera ops. Not me, I have ran my camera and directed every actor myself for over 35 years.

New Normal Means What Again?

Hello! How are you? This is a year we will never forget! For me, the first month or two I panicked.  I bought food enough for an army, my grandmother used to say.  By the third month I had already cut my bangs and as you can see they are growing out.  (Same with my dog's quarantine cut)  Please follow the link in the picture below to my Facebook Group. This page will be the current important findings from the top Entertainment Media Sources. Right now, we all need to know the rules, in order to negotiate our own contracts. We need to know what to ask and expect. For an example, what sort of testing kit? How often? What if I test positive? Do I get paid? Is there insurance to cover this?  What about the driver? He is wearing a mask and gloves and shield too, right? And he has been tested? Can I see that before my client gets in the car? Is he wiping down the car after each person? I am riding alone right? What about Hair and Makeup? What if I g
Photo credit: Lauren Patrice Nadler and Pam Bouvier 2019 Hello. I have a very important Facebook group meant for line producers, producers, directors, AD's, casting directors, actors, hair and make up...oh yeah, EVERY DEPARTMENT in the production business. For those who want to get ready in production and prepped with real information and be a rule spreader, not a virus spreader. Actors, FYI, it is quite possible that if you are not a star, you will be doing your own hair and make up (make sure to negotiate that with your agent) the stylists may only have time for the stars. This group is re-entry based. How do we start. What can we expect.  New Normal Production Re-Entry

Best in Show

Boy, the land of self-tapes.  Now, how about the land of self-taping something that should have a session?  It's harder for all of us. I was just thinking, the actors are going to have to get that 2nd bedroom for a studio. YOU MUST figure out your lighting and eye levels and get a prompter app, or find a used one on eBay.  Or get iPad and a teleprompter app. Oh, and please look at it yourself first. Is that really the best you can do? You may have 8 self-tapes to do, but your odds are still not good, if you can't compete.